GROW UP Mentorship

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GROW UP Mentorship

Is your athlete struggling socially, emotionally, or mentally? Right now is an extremely tough time for ours kids to adapt to the ever so changing times, and I would love to help provide some solutions.

I have developed a program that will:

  • provide our girls with the social interaction they need

  • teach them methods on how to overcome emotional struggles

  • enhance their abilities to respond to change and failure

  • build them up to feel confident in every situation they are in

  • teach them how to implement healthier routines and habits to achieve their highest daily potential

  • hold them accountable to their goals, no matter the obstacles they’re facing

  • provide several resources from daily gratitude practice, to workout calendars, to self talk cheat sheets that will set them apart from their peers.

How does it work?

Once subscribed to the GROW UP mentorship, your athlete will receive:

  • Access to our weekly mentorship calls

  • 1 one on one call per month with Coach D to chat about her personal growth

  • Access to The Do Method’s monthly workout calendar

  • The promo code to receive a 20% off the GROW Journal: A Transformation Daily Habit

How do I sign my daughter up?!

Click the subscribe button below to choose what package you would like. You can choose for your athlete to start in the 6 month mentorship session or you enroll her into the annual mentorship program where she get access to mentorship by Coach D for 1 whole year.



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