The Confidence Boost

August 27, 2021

Do you ever feel like the way you think other people perceive you is how you then start perceiving yourself?

Gosh this was totally me as a competitive athlete. If the coach didn’t start me, all the sudden I took on this belief that I sucked. If Dad looked at me a weird way from the stands, I felt like I screwed up big time. If I was walking through the halls and the people that normally smile and wave or say hi don’t, that I was less than, or I was wearing something they did not like that day. Can you say BRUTAL?!! Holy moly, I think my hamster was a skinny one because I had it running in my head non stop 24/7.

Yes, it would be safe to say I WAS an overthinker. Did you catch that? I WAS. Past tense. I have now gained control of my thoughts and I am happy to say more confident than I have ever been. And it’s because I have worked HARD on strengthen the muscle in my head to be stronger.

This Confidence boost exercise is something I have done everyday for the last 3 years and it builds me up, and gives me my armor I need to face all that the day may bring my way.

How does it work, you ask? Well let me run you through it. Everyday I write down three I am statements or affirmations and I then follow that up with why I believe it to be true. For instance,

  1. I am knowledgable resource. I know this because I have several people that come to me everyday asking for advise on the topics of softball, or the mental game.

  2. I am determined to push through all obstacles to reach my goals. I know this because I am beyond my half year goal marker.

  3. I am an amazing cook. I know this because I have tasted the food I make on the daily and boy it’s 😉 (You can have fun with these too)

You see when you place your focus on what you have done and what you have achieved, you started to realize you are enough. You are worthy. You are more than your negative thoughts.

Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time, make sure you are careful on where you lead it. It can build you up with confidence or tear you down in doubt and worry.

I hope this helps!

Coach D

p.s. I forgot to mention, the most attractive thing you could ever wear is CONFIDENCE. And I promise it’s not trendy!

Your Mindset Softball Coach,
Coach D



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