Just call on Triple A

June 29, 2019

Oh my gosh!!!! I can’t believe she did that.

Are you kidding me?! I was in 2 hours of traffic, and you expect me to be in a good mood?

Does any of this sounds familiar? In today’s fast paced society so many of us are trying to keep up with the Kardashian’s that life’s finer things might as well not exist. Between the hustle and bustle of life, and the social norms that are now becoming expectations, who can keep up? It’s about nearly impossible. But so many of us strive to keep up with it all.

My boggling question is, Why?

Why do we take our attention away from the present moment to compare our lives to someone else’s? Or let our behavior be triggered by a situation that didn’t pan out perfectly in our favor?

As your mental coach, let me tell you, we have ALL done it and it is completely normal BECAUSE we have let ourselves accept this as normal. “Everyone gets mad in traffic”, “My peer just told me what to do and now I am pissed”. These are just a few examples of how we get caught up in every day life. Once again, we as humans have been conditioned to accept these reactions as normal. I am generalizing here, but what we, as a society, forget to understand is how much time and effort our emotional reaction takes us away from being the best we can be. TIME is POWER, and the power is in our hands.

You see, everyone that is still living on this planet gets 86,400 seconds of time everyday. Our power is proclaimed by how we use those 86,400 seconds of our day. Do we spend them stressing about things out of out control, or comparing our lives to others? I have done it, we have ALL done it. But what I have come to realize, is that it makes me feel so stupid and, quite honestly, so silly! Why am I spending my commute being frustrated about the traffic I am sitting in? Why not use this time to call my grandma and connect with her, or maybe I should put on a podcast to expand my learning a little bit. I understand it is hard to get out of a rut when you have already let it control your headspace. That is why I am going to instruct you to call on our Triple A system, just as though your car has broken down. Here is how we do that:

Define your A.A.A.’s. and you will regain your power immediately!

A-    Attention. (Where is it? And where should it be?)

A-    Appreciation (Define a few things are you are grateful for right now in life?)

A-    Action (What step are you going to take to return your attention back to being the best you? i.e. deep breath, snap of a bracelet, personal mantra, sip of water)

Keep your power!

Keep control of your 86,400 seconds!

Whether it is another person or something tangible, nobody else deserves the power that you have been given! Nobody!!! Cause I will tell you this, when you keep control of your power, life’s finer things never seemed better. You start appreciating all situations that come your way, and when curveballs are thrown you knock them out of the park.

Your Mindset Softball Coach,
Coach D

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