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A 4 week transformation that helps your daughter win her mindset so she can own her performance

Little Giants
Grow Up! Series


Does your daughter let her failures define her? 
Does she expect herself to be perfect in every performance she has?
Does she put herself under too much pressure?
Does she resist your advice when you try to help her?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, we are here to help! We have created a 4 week mindset course where we teach your daughters the basics of a strong mindset. Through activities and systematic processes, your daughter will come away with: 
- An understanding of how powerful the mind can be in her life
- A stronger sense of self image and self value
- How to respond to failure when it happens
- How to unlock the most successful and powerful her!

We truly believe this is essential for every Little Giant, in their dedication to being their best. You can spend hundreds of dollars on physical training but if she freaks herself out when she steps up to perform what good are those physical reps going to do? Attack the mindset first with our Little Giants Grow Up! Series! 

Course dates: March 6th, 13th, 21st, 27th
Via Zoom | 6pm - 7pm PST

Course worksheets and materials will be emailed to athlete after sign up is complete
All questions please email:

The foundation of a strong Mindset

This is the best hour we spend each week together!!! - KW

What the parents say about the course!

After this course, I notice that my daughter was more excited about being confident and was so excited to share what she learned after each session with us. - AT

I wish we would have found this course earlier! I have seen such a dramatic shift in my daughter. Especially in the way she carries herself! - BJ