Having 7+ years of coaching experience, 5 year of which were at the collegiate level, I know what it takes on and off the field to be a standout athlete.  Being a mental conditioning coach during the day and pitching coach at night, I am a resource in several areas for your daughter.
A huge pillar in my lessons is “Understanding the Why”. Every one of my athletes understands their why, and where they want to go. In a different light, I make sure that whatever movement I have them perform, the athlete understand why they are doing it, and how it will advance their performance to the next level. I am  known for my spark of energy and my motivational touch. I will push your daughter out of her comfort zone to be better every day, I will be a constant resource for her to tap into and meanwhile be her biggest cheerleader. 


Pitching Lessons


In this session your athlete and one or two other athlete will be sharing the hour of instruction with Coach D.

Bring your gear, your growth mindset, and a catcher and leave the rest to Coach D.
Along with all private lesson packages you will receive one on one mindset mentorship separate from the physical lessons. 

Group Pitching Lessons

Group Pitching

In this session your team of 4 or more pitchers will be sharing the of instruction with Coach D.

Make sure all your pitchers have catcher and D will take care of the rest!

Team Pitching Lessons

Group Pitching

In this 1.5 hour group session your daughter will learn the basic fundamentals of pitching. 
How to:
Warm up properly,
Achieve accuracy
Several drills to take home with her to continue her progress as a pitcher
Bring your glove and your growth mindset, dress in athletic wear and leave the rest to Coach D.

Pitching Clinics

Pitching Clinic Pricing
$75 for 2 hours

Are you ready to perform like the pros? Get this awesome freebie along with how to use it and how the pros use it now! As an added bonus, signing up will get you access to The Starting Line-up! A Do Method exclusive group of team mates, ready to level up their game on and off the field.






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