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This is Danielle.

Being a collegiate athlete where her mindset beat her up most of the time, Danielle always found herself trying to salvage the strength she had left to battle through her last two years of collegiate softball. Though she completed her career at the regional tournament, Danielle knew her full potential never truly made its debut.

Returning home from Portland after graduating at the top of her class, Danielle joined the coaching staff at the community college she attended her first two years; to give back to the game what she had been missing:

To inspire confidence in those girls who struggled finding it

To be the infectious spark on the team

To promote an environment where every girl could be themselves with zero fear of neglect or judgement

In her five years as a college coach, Danielle grew tremendously as she mentored young girls developing into women. She helped each one of them learn to foul off every curve ball that was thrown their way. She dedicated her heart and soul to the very program that shaped her as an athlete and even more so as a person.

Reflecting on the fulfillment she felt when inspiring young athletes to be their best, she started a process that changed her life forever. Under the guidance of the great, Collin Henderson, Danielle unlocked the vault to greatness: How to Master Your Mindset. From numerous hours researching and training, interviewing and reading, Danielle developed a foundation to catapult her further than she ever imagined. The foundational systems that promotes confidence, fearless leadership, and purposeful routine have been monumental in Danielle’s growth. Thru hard work and dedication, she is now practicing mentor-ship and mindset training to help individuals and teams learn systems to navigate their obstacles. A dream she never knew existed but has always been in her heart!

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“A dream she never knew existed but has always been in her heart.”




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