Rituals over Routines: How you can improve your game this year

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! The time to reflect on our next softball game. 

It’s the turning of the page and a time to reflect on what’s gone and what is to come. The New Year is like our next softball game:

  • The last softball game doesn’t matter, focus on the next game. 
  • There isn’t a score yet, so be ready to bring your all in this next game! Whether that is warming up more on your softball pitch, or working on your hitting skills, or practicing in the outfield.
  • You as the softball player get to choose how you want to show up to practice, to the game, to softball tryouts. 

Yes, will there be curve balls thrown your way throughout this year? YOU KNOW IT! But you can hit them out of the park. I know you can! 

Yes, will there be crazy umpires along the way, that you swear are blind? OF COURSE! But again, you are capable of handling it.

The opportunity to play another softball game and improve your skills for this upcoming season.

For this new year let’s be thankful that we get the opportunity to play another softball game. To enjoy the dirt below our feet and the friends that we get to compete with and play against. 

There isn’t a better time to learn from our past and choose to be better! Join me in making that choice this year! As a mindset coach, I want to make sure that I help all of you amazing athletes on choosing better. If you aren’t already, have you checked out the FREE Mindset Workshop: Mission Statement 2023 (Jan. 2nd at 6pm PST). I also have a variety of coaching and training dates available for teams and private lessons.

Though last year I felt like I reached new potential, I am not done. In order to unlock another level of me, I know I have to continue to dedicate myself to being one percent better every day. As your mindset performance coach, I will be the first one to say entering a new year is not about labeling what you want (setting New Year’s resolutions or goals) it’s about defining HOW you are going to accomplish it. It’s the focus on your RITUALS over your RESULTS!

Rituals Over Results: Getting your mind and body in check for softball season.

Focus on your strength and conditioning for your softball game this year through ritual and routines. Which just so happens to be our month’s focus this year!

RITUALS OVER RESULTS is my focus as a softball mindset coach. 

How can we train the brain to focus on our everyday actions that will allow us to earn the results we desire. We have to fall in love with the process. Did you know that 75% of people lose commitment to their goals after 30 days?

The reason people fall into this statistic is their fixation on the result. They have a lack of obsession with the process. When they don’t see the results as soon as they want, they give up on the process.

Yet somehow, the average person still finds a way to spend 145 minutes on social media a day. My question is: what is that ritual working towards? 

  • Comparisons, self doubt, jealousy, envy, deceit, emotional triggers?

I would challenge to say that if you spent half the time you spend on your phone on a ritual like improving your softball hitting or pitching or improving your overall softball game that would be productive towards your goals, AMAZING things would be in store! 

How to get better at softball through rituals and routines.

I hear it more often than not, “I just want to hit that homerun, Coach D!”, “I just want to get to 60 MPH!”. And then the continued conversation exposes that the athlete is dedicating zero extra time to this desired result. They are “living on a prayer” that this next game will be the one that they will hit that homerun. And not to be the debby downer, more than likely it will not happen. In order to crush that ball over that fence, you have to work on a few things. It is through our rituals and routines that we will get that 60 MPH homerun, we will catch that game winning ball, we will beat the other team. 

  • You have to work on your softball swing, so you make sure you are optimizing your power behind the ball. 
  • You have to work on your tracking the softball, to make sure you can see that ball hit your bat. 
  • Lastly you have to work on  strength and conditioning to ensure that you have the power to drive the ball the needed distance. 

So if you create rituals or routines around these necessary tips for playing softball, you will sky rocket your chances of actually achieving your desired results.

What are some results that you hope to earn this year? 

Now let’s create a few rituals that we can commit to on a day or weekly basis to insure that those results will happen. 

 Just a little reminder from legend, Kobe Bryant: “You can never get bored of the basics”

The challenge for your softball skills for the next 12 months.

I challenge you to reduce your screen time just by half and spend some quality time on you this year. Let’s see what happens, I think you will be shocked at what you are able to earn. Let’s eliminate the hoping, and wishing, and leave no doubt that this year will be your best one yet. Remember you get to choose the words you write in this next chapter! Choose wisely! 

Cheers to the New Year!

I can’t wait to help you make this one the best! 

Your Mindset Softball Coach,
Coach D

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