Mindset Training

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Mindsets in Action

Our perception builds our reality. When you are in control of your mindset, you are able to take massive action in pursuit of your goals. Whether you’re an athlete, a co-worker, a parent or a coach, we have the mindset training for you.

We offer coaching programs ranging from a group setting to 1:1. Check out their descriptions below and book your sessions today.





Personal Mentor Sessions


Listening and learning is her forte, and delivering solutions is her gift to you. Danielle will teach you:

  • Processes to help you navigate the inner game

  • How to look worries and fears straight in the eye, AND BEAT THEM

  • The foundational blocks to build confidence that nobody can touch

Danielle offers a complimentary first session, and during that time she will discuss a plan that works for you, and your goals.



Team/Organization Sessions


How much do you focus on your team’s culture? With attention on attitude, concentration, and effort, Danielle will help your team compete at their highest level. Developing skill is important, but what are you doing as a coach to help your players develop as successful human beings? With various systems and processes, Danielle will guide your team through exercises to promote team success, and more importantly, personal reflection and development.

$500 for Team Session (Single)

$300 for Team Session Bundle (Minimum of 3 sessions)

  • This has proven to be the most effective as the mind has to be conditioned, just like the body. If you workout once and expect to be great, you have a lot to learn.



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