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Client Love

Check out these testimonials from my current clients and see how their experience with the DO Method has been!


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“For years we have been working on drills to build solid softball fundamentals but haven’t spent much time on the mental side of things. Initially, I was not sure if a group of 11 year olds would have the attention span necessary to benefit from this type of training but Danielle engages the girls and they learn through being a part of the process rather than just being talked at. Danielle is kind and patient and the girls really respond to her energy.

Danielle has done a great job of providing our athletes with tools to deal with stress and anxiety. She helps them keep the sport in perspective which in turn allows them to perform their best on the field. I see them applying what they have learned in our practices and look forward to seeing the same approach during our games.”

Brigham Joy – Owner of America’s Team. Founder of Confidence Camp

“I wish we would have found Danielle earlier. I have seen such a dramatic shift in Kelynn. And I am not talking about on the field. The most dramatic shift I have seen in my daughter is the way she carries herself. She had been struggling with confidence in a few areas of her life. Not any more! Danielle has been such a gift to help Kelynn unlock her potential and see how powerful she really is.”

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Kris Gallagher – Founder & Director Clutch Basketball

“Danielle is a dynamic speaker who’s knowledge and passion for the topic was evident throughout her entire presentation. She came in well prepared and delivered a message that resonated with our youth & high school athletes, coaches, and parents that were in attendance. We’re excited about the opportunity for our athletes, coaches, & parents to continue working with Danielle and I would highly recommend her services to any individual or programs that are looking to separate themselves from the competition.”



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