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Do you ever feel like the way you think other people perceive you is how you then start perceiving yourself? Gosh this was totally me as a competitive athlete. If the coach didn’t start me, all the sudden I took on this belief that I sucked. If Dad looked at me a weird way from […]

The Confidence Boost

Mindset Tips

Call me a book worm, and I will kind take that as a compliment! To say it lightly, I am more of your inspirational, self help, feel good bookie. I haven’t yet got into the murder mysteries, the romance novels, or any of the most popular series. Crazy, I know! When I am reading you […]

The books that got me to where I am at today!

Mindset Resource

Learn to measure these 3 things daily to limit performance anxiety and give your all in everything you do.

What Are You Measuring In Life?

Mindset Tips

Define your A.A.A.’s. and you will regain your power immediately. Your attention, appreciate and action will allow you to roll with the punches and continue on your journey to being your best self.

Just call on Triple A

Mindset Tips



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