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Maybe it is starting those mindset lessons you are nervous to start, if it is finding a private softball coach that will help you learn the next level skills to advance your performance while playing softball, maybe it is just getting those extra workouts in to prepare you for high school softball.

How far can your softball player stretch?

Mindset Tips

How far can your softball player stretch? | The Do Method Blog

The most important thing to understand about confidence is it isn’t something that we are born with, it is something that each of us create from within constant commitment, and changing your mindset. 

The Roots to Helping our Kids Ignite their Confidence

Mindset Tips

The roots to helping our kids ignite their confidence | The Do Method Blog

For this new year let’s be thankful that we get the opportunity to play another softball game. There isn’t a better time to learn from our past and choose to be better! Join me in making that choice this year!

Rituals over Routines: Reflecting on your softball skills this past year and how you can improve your game this year

Mindset Tips

Busy seems to be the catch all excuse for when we didn’t get something done, I GET IT. I do it, too! But when does it not seem busy?

How to Embrace the Busy as a Softball Player

Mindset Tips

This morning I sat down in my office and pulled a quarterly report from my company’s processing system. I got the biggest smile on my face as I realized I am on pace to have a 6 figure year! I could believe it because of how much time and effort I have put into my […]

How am I supposed to do this?

Personal Stories

I am inviting you to join me. To zone out the haters, the self doubt, the excuses, and just press “PLAY”. Did you know that the minute you start your journey towards your biggest dream/ peak you will face your biggest challenges? You will get tired, you will question yourself, you will get rejected by […]

She believed she could, so she did!

Personal Stories

A little slogan that my mindset coach, @collinhenderson, taught me that has forever stuck with me and is now something I teach my girls! ZERO. FRICKS. GIVEN!!! Have zero care about what others think about you. Just go out there and do your thing! Be unapologetically you! Own YOU and let your personality shine for […]

0. F. G’s

Mindset Tips

Do you ever feel like the way you think other people perceive you is how you then start perceiving yourself? Gosh this was totally me as a competitive athlete. If the coach didn’t start me, all the sudden I took on this belief that I sucked. If Dad looked at me a weird way from […]

The Confidence Boost

Mindset Tips

Call me a book worm, and I will kind take that as a compliment! To say it lightly, I am more of your inspirational, self help, feel good bookie. I haven’t yet got into the murder mysteries, the romance novels, or any of the most popular series. Crazy, I know! When I am reading you […]

The books that got me to where I am at today!

Mindset Resource

A moment of vulnerability that I will never forget…

Victory goes to the Vulnerable

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