The books that got me to where I am at today!

August 27, 2021

Call me a book worm, and I will kind take that as a compliment!

To say it lightly, I am more of your inspirational, self help, feel good bookie. I haven’t yet got into the murder mysteries, the romance novels, or any of the most popular series. Crazy, I know! When I am reading you can typically find me cozied up under a blanket with my coffee, or a glass of wine with my notebook along the side of me because your girl is a notetaker when I read. Any other note-take readers out there???

A few of the books I want to highlight on this magical list that is ever growing are:

Mind Gym – This book is the OG. It was the first tool that introduced the world of mental training to me. It was the book that I taught a half of dozen times to the college team that I helped coach. It’s a brilliant mix of the author’s real life experiences with training professional athletes and solutions on how to enhance your own mental game. This is a must read for all athletes, coaches, and parents!

Love Does & Everybody Always – So essentially everything written by Bob Goff, if gold, if I am being honest. I think sometimes my husband feels threatened because I love Bob so much. But if you haven’t heard of Bob Goff you need to stop what you are doing and go order one of his books right now and I guarantee you will be better for it. These books are the books I hand out and gift THE MOST!!! They give you grounding perspective, they set you free to dream. They bring you to a level of comfort where you can look at yourself, be vulnerable and say I can be better, I can dream bigger, and if I stumble and trip while I am doing it, I will be 100% okay. The emotion you will feel reading these books will change you. Like I said, everything Bob Goff is a MUST!

You are a Badass – The honestly conveyed in this book may be the main reason I love it so much. She is brutally honest, unfiltered (even with her language) and so unapologetically HER! She gives you solutions on the how to’s, she shares personal stories and she then encourages you to never back down from the things that scare you the most. When I read this, I felt like I was having a conversation with my friend, talking about all the realness that life brings!

This list is just a portion of the whole library. If you want more, reach out to me and I would be more than happy to nerd out some more with you on books!

Your Mindset Softball Coach,
Coach D



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