She believed she could, so she did!

August 27, 2021

I am inviting you to join me. To zone out the haters, the self doubt, the excuses, and just press “PLAY”.

Did you know that the minute you start your journey towards your biggest dream/ peak you will face your biggest challenges?

You will get tired, you will question yourself, you will get rejected by SO MANY. The ones you thought were your biggest supports will doubt you, and maybe question your decisions.

I am here to remind you, you aren’t chasing this dream for them. You are chasing this dream for YOU. You are climbing your biggest peak yet because YOU have this burning desire to do so.

You see, growing up I always felt like what I wanted was shadowed by making sure I was fulfilling the chapters that were already written for me by my parents. I wanted to make them proud. Thats what I yearned for. And I can honestly say, I didn’t spend enough time reflecting on what it was that I wanted. As I went away to college, I was exposed to so much more, and I had time to reflect. Time to discover what it was that I truly wanted in my athletic career, in my professional career, and in my relationships. It was eye opening, because I started making choices, some good and some bad, but I learned so much about myself. What it was that I wanted and how those things made me feel, not how it made others feel about me. (Can anyone relate?!)

Since graduating from college (almost 7 years ago) I have set my own standards, and I have set out on my journey towards my biggest peak yet. I have had haters, and huge obstacles, I have had supporters fall off, and I can tell you what, I have no care in the world, because NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME FROM REACHING THIS PEAK!
I believe I can, and I WILL!!!
Do you want to join me? Do you want to press your “PLAY” button?
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Your Mindset Softball Coach,
Coach D



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