Does your athlete need help bridging the performance gap between practices and games?   During practice, she might take more risks, swing harder, and seem more carefree and loose. But she’s more measured, quiet, tense, and reserved during games, leading to poorer outcomes.  As a mindset coach for female athletes, I see this a lot when […]

Practice vs. Games: Bridging the Performance Gap


Reframing anxiety for student-athletes can be a game-changer for parents and coaches alike. Keep reading to learn how. At the start of a new season and school year, it’s not uncommon for my clients to experience many emotions.  They’re excited to start a new year; nervous about meeting new people; happy to get back on […]

Anxiety Isn’t The Problem (Reframing Anxiety for Student-Athletes)


Are you wondering how to help your daughter choose the right softball team? Did you know that according to a National Alliance for Youth Sports poll, 70 percent of US kids quit sports before they turn 13? Kids participating in the poll said sports just weren’t fun anymore.  This statistic is always in my mind, […]

Choose the Right Softball Team: 6 Questions to Ask Before Your Daughter Joins a New Team


Gosh, I tell ya what! My first two years of college ball were some of my favorite years as a player.  Our team was VERY business-like, and we got it done, to say the least! Going undefeated in the regular season for both years, our team was a powerhouse in our conference. Everyone was out […]

How to Transform Your Most Negative Athlete Into Your Star Leader


Do you know what separates elite athletes from the rest? No, it’s not extraordinary talent or physical strength.  It’s preparation.  Denver Bronco’s quarterback Russell Wilson said, “The separation is the preparation,” and this is a quote I live by!  Because when we take the time to prepare, we set ourselves up for success.  Keep reading […]

How to Prepare Like a Pro Athlete & Achieve Success

Mental Approach

“How can I make myself better? This is the question I constantly asked myself as a collegiate softball player.  Back then, I was the epitome of an unconfident athlete.  You’d think I would’ve figured it out by college, right? Nope! That’s when the pressure felt even worse, and I let every little hiccup define me.  […]

5 Ways to Help Your Athlete Find Their Flow State

Mental Approach

You see, your mindset is the lens you see life through. Our mindset shapes how we see the world and how we make decisions. And I want you to understand, changing your mindset is just as simple as putting on a new pair of sunglasses, with different lenses.

DIALED IN for High School Softball

Mental Approach

Dialed In For High School Football | The Do Method Blog

Maybe it is starting those mindset lessons you are nervous to start, if it is finding a private softball coach that will help you learn the next level skills to advance your performance while playing softball, maybe it is just getting those extra workouts in to prepare you for high school softball.

How far can your softball player stretch?

Mindset Tips

How far can your softball player stretch? | The Do Method Blog

The most important thing to understand about confidence is it isn’t something that we are born with, it is something that each of us create from within constant commitment, and changing your mindset. 

The Roots to Helping our Kids Ignite their Confidence

Mindset Tips

The roots to helping our kids ignite their confidence | The Do Method Blog

For this new year let’s be thankful that we get the opportunity to play another softball game. There isn’t a better time to learn from our past and choose to be better! Join me in making that choice this year!

Rituals over Routines: How you can improve your game this year

Mindset Tips



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